Each person, through self-organizing communities and without unnecessary intermediaries, should be able to create economic incentives for the production of goods and services.

What inspired me

https://kolionovosystem.com - Mikhail Shlyapnikov, a pioneer in raising funds for farming through digital currency.

https://www.facebook.com/ovchinnikov.fedor - Fedor Ovchinnikov, makes quality service and wins in a very competitive business.

The_Innovators_(book) - Walter Isaacson, told how innovations appeared and became a part of everyday life.

Useful information




The project's ideology

Imagine a situation where a community can define goods and services:
- what foods to eat, as an alternative to those offered in supermarkets;
- what kind of furniture to buy, an alternative offered in shopping centers.
This is possible through the creation of economic incentives without unnecessary intermediaries.

By investing in a particular farmer or furniture manufacturer, the community provides an opportunity to optimize production costs by lowering the price of the product or increase the quality of the product without raising the price. Thus, the value of the goods increases, which is beneficial to both parties.

We are making a project that will combine IT and business processes of the enterprise. Also, initially, the franchise model will be laid.

If the fundraising is successful, howto will be published in order to popularize crowdsale campaigns for projects in the real economy.

Goal (stage 1)

Gain a positive reputation for FunSpaceLab projects.

Conduct a crowdsale campaign to raise funds through the distribution of tokens1 with exchange ticker FSLC.
Tokens give the right to use and reward2 services provided by the project.
Crowdsale campaign is carried out on the implementation of the passenger taxi service.

The format for krausel campaign

1. Raising funds in the amount of 1 400 000 RUB for the purchase of KIA Ceed SW. List of costs
2. Counting the number of distributed tokens between the participants of the crowdsale campaign.
3. Monthly redemption of FSLC tokens is CARRIED out by the project owner on the exchange since the launch of the service in the amount of 30% of the asset's profit.
4. Full redemption of FSLC tokens distributed among the participants of the crowdsale campaign not later than 3.5 years from the launch of the service.

1To avoid the threat of the unity of the payment system of the Russian Federation, it should be clarified that as a token, it is necessary to understand a commodity coupon, which is my personal debt receipt as an individual.

2Remuneration should be understood as a gratuitous transfer of tokens on their own in favor of the project owner, as a result of which the debt obligations will be closed.

Stages of project development

Stage #1 (crowdsale campaign is held for this stage)

1. Attraction of means.
2. Buying one car KIA Ceed SW.
3. Run-in of the car within two weeks.
4. Connection to the services of online taxi booking. Payment for any trips in national currency.
5. The launch of blockchain-nodes for the implementation of the cashback service.
6. Issue of additional token with exchange Ticker TFSL and fixed rate to reward trips.
7. Start the service.
8. Rewards with FSLC or TFSL tokens will be available only for trips to Moscow airports. The order of the trip is available through the messenger. The transfer of tokens is carried out through an online wallet. Attracting users through the discussion of the service on thematic resources.
9. Cashback for the use of tokens for trips to Moscow airports. Cashback is implemented by TFSL token and is equivalent to mining of WAVES coins by node computing resources wavesnode.funspacelab.ru

Stage 2

1. Attraction of means.
2. Development of a web-site and application for taxi call and reward tokens for trips to Moscow airports.
3. Buying multiple cars.
4. Advertising of the service on thematic resources, in social networks.

Stage 3

1. To determine jurisdiction.
2. Attraction of means.
3. Integration with existing taxi services. Reward tokens are available for all trips.
4. Automation of processes of fleet.
5. Scaling of the service. Replenishment of the fleet.
6. Integration with partner loyalty services. Possibility to reward the trip at the expense of partner bonuses.

The details of the token

  • The name of the token - FunSpaceLab Community
  • Stock Ticker - FSLŠ”
  • Campaign period - rom 10.11.2019 to 10.02.2020
  • The nominal price of the token is 1 FSLC = 100 RUB (1,4 EUR)
  • Number of decimal places - 3 (0,001)
  • Total tokens - 14 000
  • For distribution - 14 000
  • Unsold tokens will be burned
  • The token issue is performed in case of raising funds for a new stage of the project development
  • Information on the token https://wavesexplorer.com

Project team

Ilya Strahov - author of the project

Anna Shamova - project coordinator

Project discussion

Telegram group https://t.me/FunSpaceLab
Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/FunSpaceLab
Mail mail@taxi.funspacelab.ru

Team verification


question - answer

On which exchange is the FSL token distributed?
The token is available on the DEX Waves Platform exchange

How to purchase an FSLC token
1. Create an account on the exchange https://waves.exchange/
2. Copy Ethereum address, see details https://docs.wavesplatform.com
3. Create an online-wallet on the resource cryptonator.com
4. Top up (from 1 euro) online-wallet cryptonator convenient for you currency. More detailed
5. Change Fiat currency to Ethereum ETH cryptocurrency. More detailed
6. Send Ethereum ETH from the cryptonator online wallet to the Waves wallet address previously received in paragraph 2 More detailed
7. Buy FSLC token on the exchange waves.exchange. read More